Singing with firm, tireless, ardent tones, and idiomatic German, he elucidated Christ’s Passion as if speaking to us directly, while evoking the late Karl Dan Sorensen, the go-to Evangelist in Boston for decades. And his recitatives, wetted with the extremely flexible, sensitive, and nuanced continuo playing of cellist Rafael Popper-Keizer, contrabass Randall Zigler, and organist […]

The festival ended at Ozawa Hall with the Tanglewood Music Center’s orchestra in a program of audacious works, beginning with Gerald Barry’s “Canada,” a puckish piece that appropriates text from the prisoners’ chorus of Beethoven’s “Fidelio” to create a riotous mélange of sputtered words, high-pitched shouted singing and coruscating blasts from the orchestra. The tenor […]

Bright lyric tenor Charles Blandy’s dramatic interpretations, surprisingly evocative of Britten’s life partner Peter Pears, perfectly reflected the changing emotions in the texts. Several moments showed particular drama, such as when when Blandy sang “qui-et” and the piano echoed it with two solo notes, and in the powerful ending of “Oh, My Black Soule!” with […]

Bach: St. Matthew Passion, Emmanuel Music, 3/31 and 4/2/17 Charles Blandy shouldered the taxing role of the Evangelist with aplomb, delivering reams of text as naturally as if were discussing the Bruins’ post-season prospects. His dexterity and diction masked the tremendous vocal control required to navigate Bach’s often craggy tenor recitatives and deliver them with […]

“The leads offered superlative singing … Tenor Charles Blandy was a terrific match for the part of Tom Rakewell, unfailingly, tirelessly lyrical .. Blandy’s Tom was both naïf and willing victim, ruing his own callowness while indulging the temptation to hide behind it. “… In the deceptively pastoral final parting of Anne and Tom, this […]