2014 Andrew List: Eros Dialogues

Boston, MA, USA
775 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Andrew List: Eros Dialogues
8:00 pm

With Arneis Quartet; Krista River, mezzo-soprano

With the Arneis Quartet and mezzo Krista River. A 2005 work for string quartet, tenor and mezzo by Andrew List, to poetry by Walt Whitman and Amy Lowell. Program also includes Andy Vores: A Supermarket in California with baritone David Kravitz, and Charles Fussell’s Being Music.

To the Garden, the World (Whitman)
To THE garden, the world, anew ascending,
Potent mates, daughters, sons, preluding,
The love, the life of their bodies, meaning and being,
Curious, here behold my resurrection, after slumber;
The revolving cycles, in their wide sweep, having
brought me again,
Amorous, mature—all beautiful to me—all wondrous;
My limbs, and the quivering fire that ever plays through
them, for reasons, most wondrous;
Existing, I peer and penetrate still,
Content with the present—content with the past,
By my side, or back of me, Eve following,
Or in front, and I following her just the same.
White Currants (Lowell)
Shall I give you white currants?
I do not know why, but I have a sudden fancy for this fruit.
At the moment, the idea of them cherishes my senses,
And they seem more desirable than flawless emeralds.
Since I am, in fact, empty-handed,
I might have chosen gems out of India,
But I choose white currants.
Is it because the raucous wind is hurtling round the house-corners?
I see it with curled lips and stripped fangs, gaunt and haunting energy,
Come to snout, and nibble, and kill the little crocus roots.
Shall we call it white currants?
You may consider it as a symbol if you please.
So long as you accept them,
And me.