2023 Recital at Monadnock: Poulenc and Britten

Keene, NH, USA
Ahavas Achim Synagogue 84 Hastings Avenue
Keene, NH
Recital at Monadnock: Poulenc and Britten
4:00 pm

Poulenc: Métamorphoses; Britten: Sonnets of Michelangelo; Copland: At the River
With Esther Ning Yau, piano

with pianist Esther Ning Yau

  • Francis Poulenc: Métamorphoses (three poems by Louise Vilmorin – texts and translations)
    • Reine des mouettes (Queen of seagulls)
    • C’est ainsi que tu es (That’s who you are)
    • Paganini
  • Aaron Copland: At the River
  • Benjamin Britten: Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo, op. 22
    • Si come nella penna e nell’inchiostro (As in pen and ink)
    • A che più debb’io mai l’intensa voglia (Why do I vent my intense desire)
    • Veggio co’ bei vostri occhi un dolce lume (I see through your eyes a sweet light)
    • Tu sa, ch’io so, signor mie, che tu sai (You know that I know, my love, that you know)
    • Rendete agli occhi miei, o fonte o fiume (Give back to my eyes, you fountains and rivers)
    • S’un casto amor, s’una pietà superna (If love is chaste, if pity heavenly)
    • Spiro ben nato, in cui si specchia e vede (Noble soul, in whom are reflected … )

More background on Britten’s Michelangelo Sonnets from Britten’s former assistant, the composer Colin Matthews, at Britten-Pears Arts.

Shared program with Will Prapestis, baritone, who will sing:
Roger Quilter: Three Shakespeare Songs, op. 6
Ethel Smyth: Three Moods of the Sea
Jennifer Higdon: Civil Words