Voice studio introduction

I’m a voice teacher of 20+ years of experience, having taught students of all ages, experience and skill levels, with interests in a wide variety of genres. I have a home studio in the center of Arlington MA, easily accessible by bike, bus, and car.

I teach a singing technique based on the Italian tradition, informed by contemporary science. To call it “opera” technique is not wrong, but I don’t insist on an “operatic” sound. I will not push voices to do more than they can; I will not make a 17-year-old sound like they’re 40. We will mostly work on classical repertoire, but I teach different kinds of sounds for various genres, including pop and contemporary styles. I have particular experience training male-sex voices who are discovering their full upper range: the “passaggio”.

I have been a professional singer since I was in high school. I have a Masters in Music from Indiana University and I was a fellow for two summers at the Tanglewood Music Center. I’ve sung everything from Renaissance polyphony, to Bach and Mozart, to the latest avant-garde contemporary music. I taught in Harvard’s Holden Voice Program for 20 years, and at Tufts University for 17 years. I’ve given lectures, workshops and seminars on vocal acoustics, classification, and anatomy.

If you’re ready to take the next step in the art of singing, let’s go!