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Bach: St. Matthew Passion, Emmanuel Music, 3/31 and 4/2/17 Charles Blandy shouldered the taxing role of the Evangelist with aplomb, delivering reams of text as naturally as if were discussing the Bruins’ post-season prospects. His dexterity and diction masked the tremendous vocal control required to navigate Bach’s often craggy tenor recitatives and deliver them with […]

“The leads offered superlative singing … Tenor Charles Blandy was a terrific match for the part of Tom Rakewell, unfailingly, tirelessly lyrical .. Blandy’s Tom was both naïf and willing victim, ruing his own callowness while indulging the temptation to hide behind it. “… In the deceptively pastoral final parting of Anne and Tom, this […]

“Charles Blandy possesses a clear, focused, gorgeous tenor voice which he uses with keen intelligence and musicianship. His stunning rendition of the opening recitative, ‘Comfort ye,’ set the tone for the rest of the evening.” — Joyce Tamer, Worcester Telegram & Gazette

“Blandy was an imposing Evangelist, his focused tenor an ideal vehicle for plain-spoken clarity — which only intensified the most painful moments, in which Bach adds anguished curlicues describing Peter’s “bitter weeping” or the scourging of Jesus.” — Lloyd Schwartz, Boston Phoenix “… [E]specially memorable [was] … evangelist Charles Blandy’s single, long, woeful cry expressing […]